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Should I Take Out a Personal Loan to Pay Off Debt?

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A recent report gathered in the second quarter of 2018 found that Americans collectively carry $13.29 trillion in debt, which is $618 billion higher than 2008’s peak of $12.68 trillion. With debt rising, more and more people are turning to personal loans to pay off their high-interest debts, whether that’s medical bills, credit card balances, student debt,... NEW 2010 Star Wars ✧ Cloud Car Pilot ✧ Vintage Collection VC11 MOC

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Personal Finance

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An emergency fund is a must-have safety net. CNN reported that nearly 25% of American adults had no emergency savings whatsoever. Only 29% had the recommended six months of savings tucked away. This all begs the question, “How much emergency fund do you need?” Experts agree that you should have at least enough saved to cover six to... NEW 2012 Star Wars ✧ Darth Vader ✧ Vintage Lost Line EP606 MOC

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Uh-oh! You just received your credit card statement, and it shows interest charges and a $38 late fee that you didn’t expect. You realize you’re guilty of making a late credit card payment last month. Or worse, you realize you forgot to send your payment at all. Here’s a rundown of potential impacts that your... NEW 29cm Avengers 3 Titan Hero Series Iron Patriot Figure with Arc Thruster Jet

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Credit Cards

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There’s no denying the convenience of modern-day travel. But unless you’re flying first class, things can get a little cramped. How can you get a luxury travel experience without breaking the bank? Don’t worry—there are a few luxury travel perks you can use to make your time on the ground and in the air a... Read More

Credit Score

A lot is made of the extremes of the credit scoring spectrum. What does it mean to have bad credit? How can you get good credit?

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Good credit is crucial to unlocking many financial opportunities in life. When you have a great credit score, you will see lower interest rates on car loans, credit cards, and mortgages. Some employers and landlords even check credit reports before they make a job offer or approve a resident application. Building good credit takes time,... Read More

Credit Score

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Credit’s a tricky thing. Some things obviously hurt your credit, like a late payment or no payment or maxing out your credit cards. But the effect of some things on your credit isn’t obvious at all and are almost counterintuitive. Those things seem like they should help your credit but can actually hurt. One of... New 3DS Railway Japan Route Nagara River railroad Import Japan

Credit Score

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For many first-time college students, pursing a higher education is a journey that comes with newfound responsibilities. Managing money while simultaneously balancing school, work and social obligations proves difficult for many. When embarking on educational pursuits, don’t forget to keep credit scores at the forefront of financial commitments. There are many ways to go into debt as a student.... NEW ADVENTURES OF HE-MAN - MOTU - Nocturna MISB MOC NEW Sealed

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8 Reasons to Save Money in 2019

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There are numerous reasons to save money in the coming year. Whether you’ve recently graduated college or have been in the workforce for years, it’s never a bad time to take a good, hard look at your finances. You never know what 2019 may bring, but you want to be ready for anything. Here are... NEW Canaan Nendgoldid Canaan Non-Scale Abs & Pvc Painted Action Figure F S

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Managing Debt

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Debt Relief Service

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Do you have crippling debt? Are you thinking about declaring bankruptcy? Bankruptcy stays on your credit report for 7 to 10 years and has a detrimental effect on your credit score for even longer. Individuals can file for bankruptcy in two ways—Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Each method has different qualifications and ramifications. And once someone... NEW DC Unlimited World of Warcraft VALEERA SANGUINAR Blood Elf Rogue Series 1

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